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National television news video tape / capture ingest technician - retired. Devoted Abolitionist vegan advocate. Omnivore since birth (1951), raised with the prevailing social paradigm that meat, eggs, and dairy are part of a "healthy" diet. Vegetarian since 1996, ignorantly thought I was helping animals avoid suffering after being introduced to Welfarist organizations like Peta. Vegan since 2005, finally thanks to my introduction to the Abolitionist theory of Professor Gary L. Francione, I realized vegetarianism contributes to even more misery and death than an omnivorous diet. Veganism is not just a "dietary choice". Indeed it aligns our values with our actions. It rest upon our rejection of violence and the exploitation of animals to the greatest possible extent. It is our moral obligation; the absolute minimum and easiest action to take to abolish all animal exploitation.

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